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Welcome to Lorvens entertainment Pvt ltd.

About us

Lorvens entertainment is a visual effects and computer Animation Company made up of fun, energetic people whose mindset is converged at creating the most cinematic visuals.Among many things, Human Farm is an end-to-end production house specializing in television commercials, filmatography visuals and effects, music videos and character animation. Our creative and ambitious team members are here to assure you of the highest quality state-of-the-art visuals effects for your film, video and graphic needs.

Proficient in different verticals of VFX like Rotoscoping,Paint,Wire Removal,Matchmove,compositing and much more work delivery with highest Quality

We strive by our mottos of “fulfill your desire with a spectacular creativity”, so try us today and see for yourself what true imagination can render.

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From creating precise foreground mattes to filling garbage mattes, Rotoscopy is the first step in most of the VFX projects. This involves a lot of precision and an expert eye for detail. We can boast that we have the experience and quality to produce such accurate mattes.

Our main goal is to heighten the VFX experience, both technically and artistically.

We collaborate globally with studios to support the demands placed on Visual Effects which are constantly changing, and no two projects are the same.

A unique cross-section of skills makes Lorvens Entm't. especially suited to executing complex and challenging work.

Our QC process undergoes a three-tier check with experienced supervisors onboard. We have the knowledge, the eye for detail, security, and we keep to the delivery schedule on all projects we take on.

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Our specialty is that our rotoscoping artists are well trained. The team of artists can handle all your roto needs from fine hair details to complex crowd duplication we can matte it all. With multiple rounds of quality control, we make sure your deliverables are perfect & on time, every time.

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Camera and object tracking

Our skill sets are strengthened and proven on blockbuster films, television, commercials and music videos. using us as your camera and object tracking outsource vendor, you can expect excellent recreations of live action-camera and rigid body object motion paths.

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Character, facial, and soft-bodied matchmoving

When matching the movement of live-action for organic elements, we can provide you accurate motion animation, at the correct position, orientation, and scale. Because the levels of matchmoving differ so greatly from shot to shot, we can alter our prices to match your needs as well.

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Paint and wire removal

We got that! Wire, Rig, and Marker Removal, Artifact and BG clean up. Even set extension and clean plate generation as well as keying, beauty roto, corner pinning, and tracking. We specialize in Digital Paint, Prep work and object or stand-in removal for CG replacement. We'll send you clean plates, Nuke scripts and Spline files to incorporate into your projects. It's like magic!

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Local Partnered Outsourcing

We pride ourselves in offering painless outsourcing, experience in providing a transparent professional service, teamwork, & consistent client communication.
We want you to feel confident that you’re in good hands from the initial quote to final delivery.
We’d love to work with you & organize the best artists required to complete your project on schedule.